Are Paid Reviews Good or Bad For Your Blog?

Paid reviews are very effective because each review will presumably stay on the web as long as that website exists. So for an advertiser, this is very good. And for a blogger, it’s a great opportunity to earn more from their blog.

Paid reviews are something that many people know about and usually ignore. They don’t realize there’s a lot of money in doing paid reviews.

If you have a niche blog on any topic, chances are high that many people will contact you to review their product on your blog.

In most cases, paid reviews are done for three reasons:

  1. Backlinks
  2. Traffic
  3. Exposure


If you have a blog with decent domain authority, chances are high that many advertisers will contact you to do the review while providing a link back to their site.  Since you have an authority blog and are in the same niche, such backlinks mean a lot.


High traffic is another thing that people look for when soliciting paid reviews. These advertisers are not targeting backlinks; instead, they are more inclined to get targeted traffic so that they can make more sales.

So if you have a niche website and you are driving targeted traffic from Google, you could easily attract advertisers who want to buy reviews from you.


Suppose I create a new product and people don’t know about it. The easiest way to inform people is by buying some cheap, paid reviews on some popular blogs and websites related to the product’s niche.

This will create brand awareness, and people will start learning about the product. This is similar to buying a banner ad, but it’s more effective because the product is discussed in-depth.

Should you do a paid review or not?

A paid review is like an affiliate marketing post, where you write about a product and people check it out because of your review.

But bloggers often forget that they should try the product before writing any review. Make sure you ask the advertiser for a sample product so that you can write an honest review.

In my opinion, there is no harm in doing a paid review, but make sure you review only those products that are related to your niche and you have personally used.

Do you accept paid reviews? What criteria do you use to decide if you should do one or not? Let me know in the comments below.

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