How to Make Money with URL Shortner[$1500/Month]

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In this article, I will tell you how to earn money from URL Shortener. If you know how earn More than 1500$ per month with URL Shortner then please read this post at the end.

What is URL Shortner?

If you convert large URL to a smaller format then it is called URL Shortener. These is simple definitions for URL Shorteners. If you have seen, many Sarees websites put shortened URLs into their website. So, Large url are simplify and you earn money for every visit of that URL.

So many websites are available for URL Shortner at that time.

My favourite URL shortner are

Create Account on

First of all you visit on this link and click on Join Now button. Then you get screen as show in below.

Feel this form, Solve captcha, Click on i agree terms and conditions check box and click on join button. Then send you confirmation mail on provided email address and you can verify your account. Once you can verify your account then you able to simplify your URL.

Login to

For login in you visit to this link: you get screen as shown as below.

Feel this form and click on Log In button. Then you show screen as below:

Here you can see all the report of your earning. You see my earning on above image.

Now if you want to do short link then enter url and click on Shrink button. And you get shorten URL.

Earn More than 1500$ per Month

Now i will give idea for earn more than 1500$ per month easily.

For that, You join 4 to 5 group on facebook with more than 100000 people. And short interesting url and share it on all the facebook group. If only 10% of people are visit your link then you get more than 50,000 visit per day. Now you assume your average ecpm is 4.0$. That means you get 4$ per 1000 visit. So, how many earn with 50,000 visit? Let calculate.

4.0$ x 50 = 200$ Per link

Now, You share one link every 3 or 4 day. Then you can earn more than 1500$ per month easily without any investment and fast.

You also use Whatsapp for that. and is also alternative of


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