How To Start With Affiliate Marketing?

What you Need to Get Started with Affiliate marketing:

I have shared all important links below to become a master of affiliate marketing, but first lets take those baby steps which will help you to get the basics right.

Promotion Channel:

I would have talked first about the product, but realize it’s more important to talk about promotion channel first.  You can promote any product on various platforms like Google, Facebook etc.., etc. What I prefer is and suggest to other; User blog for affiliate marketing. Promoting a product on your own blog will help you to keep earning in the longer run, and more over you can earn more money from your blog using various other methods. It’s a good idea to learn about other techniques as I mentioned above, but the blog should be a part of your promotion channel. I have shared a link at the end for you to understand how you can use for promoting an affiliate product.


Picking the right product and marketplace:

If you are one who like to give value; I suggest you pick a product that you personally use or want to use. If not, you can always be a good critic and try the product to share your review and opinion. Most of the product in the online market have an affiliate program that anyone can join for free.

Make sure you select the best product based on your niche. Else you might get 1000+ clicks but your conversion rates will be 0%.

Sales pitch

For selling any product, you need to create a sales pitch. The sales pitch can be in the form of a blog post or can be a static web page. Many companies provide you with a product landing page. Creating a sales pitch in simple words, you need to make your readers aware of what are they getting with their investment. The things which you need to keep in mind before selecting your product is, who is going to be your target audience, do you have any current target audience related to same product, or you have to start from scratch. In both the cases your strategy will be different.

Must Read:

Link Cloaking:

One of the major concern with Affiliate marketing is search engine ranking. Most of the affiliate marketers miss out on optimising their blog to ensure their blog is SEO friendly.

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