5 Effective Tips to Write Paid Reviews

Many bloggers are confused to earn money through paid reviews. It might be because of Google or may be fear of losing visitors. But I think that there is no harm in writing paid reviews and earning from that, the only think you should remember is to select the product which is useful for your readers and relevant to your niche.

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Many paid review websites like Sponsored Reviews, Pay Per Post provide you good amount and relevant reviews to write on your blog which are useful for your blog readers. Just remember too much of paid review might repel your readers. Paid reviews are no doubt a good way to generate income but you must write reviews effectively to get success and money.

Here are 5 tips to write Paid Reviews:

Know product details

The first thing to know before writing paid review is the product, company, their terms and conditions etc. All these things give you brief idea about the review which you will be writing on your blog. Read reviews about that product and if possible give that product a try, this will make you sure that you are selecting a right product for writing review.

If it’s a software, the best way to write review is by downloading it and trying it yourself. This way, you can know about possible advantage and problem with the software. When you are writing a review, make sure you do mention pros and cons of a software. Else, despite of writing an amazing review you will lose on trust part.


Accept the paid reviews only after you are confident about the product. There is no point in selling the product which is not worth or not useful for your readers. Trust is the most important part of blogging, single bad suggestion to your readers might result in losing your readers and followers. If you are confident that the product is useful, you will surely write a killer paid review.

Useful for your readers

Blogging is not only about making money online, it is more for sharing the information useful for your readers. Thus, while writing paid reviews make sure that you write for readers not only for money. Like if you have a technology blog, accept reviews about useful websites, gadgets or technical services rather than going for garments or any other relevant products.

Include your opinions

Many bloggers generally copy the contents and features from the product website and write reviews about same. But if you want to write paid reviews effectively, you need to give your opinion about the product rather than copying from other’s blog. If you think that product has few disadvantages, write it in your review. After all, review is all about sharing true opinion.

Involve Readers

When you are writing a paid review make sure you don’t write a typical review which starts with features and ends up with same. Your paid review must be interactive with your readers. Don’t just finish the review with your views, ask your readers to provide useful feedback. Your readers would surely show interest while commenting if you keep an open end in your reviews.

Add Stars in Search rating:

Reviews are very useful for getting traffic from search engine and with new schema data, you can add rate the software, tool product you are reviewing and you can show it in star.

Now only it will help you to get more CTR, but it will also help you to increase the trust. Be honest while giving rating and do remember, best rating goes to only outstanding product.

What you think about paid reviews? And do share more tips for writing paid review.

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